Amedeo’s story is one of tenacity and passion. He grew up as an apprentice in Naples, a city with a recognized sartorial tradition, perfecting himself in the precious art of sewing. Still very young, he embarked on his career, courageously taking a path uphill.

How did you start this job?

I was born a barber’s son. At the time, when I was 10 years old, I didn’t have the opportunity to choose a profession to do, and since there was a small tailor’s shop next to my father’s shop, I started working there.

What was your job?

I started with the carbon iron, consisting of a container in which were placed burning and glowing coals and a wooden “handle” that rested on the opening lid. Very heavy.

The use of this coal, iron required special attention, in fact, the risk was to dye, with ash, clothing black or burn them with hot embers. I remember once when I accidentally burned one of the jackets to be delivered, the master tailor went on a rampage.

With time I then moved on to the next stages of the production of a jacket, for months and months I had always the same job until I could get a near-perfect result.

How long does it take to complete a jacket?

Many curious customers ask me how long it takes, in general sewing a custom jacket all handmade takes time.

Since we take the measurements to the customer, until the cut and the end of the seam (including all the fitting tests with the customer), it takes about a week of processing. The handmade and made-to-measure jacket remains unique, it becomes more and more beautiful every year and adapts more and more to the body of the wearer, usually from a custom-made and handmade garment you never part.

How do you become a tailor of the Neapolitan tradition?

You must be Neapolitan. To become a Neapolitan tailor, but especially to become a good Neapolitan tailor, you have to attend the workshops that have made this city famous all over the world, you have to know people you can call ‘masters’, We must have respect, but also the courage to guard and in turn hand down a centuries-old tradition that passes through the head and hands but is born from the heart.

One of my first master tailors, always told me that the job is stolen and I had to stay there next to him the whole day, just watching.

I have learned over the years that Neapolitan tailoring is one technique, but there are different ways of working.

In Naples, we work with our own hands, and we make a difference. We carry on a profession that we learned as children, trying to improve it day by day.