The brand Saint Gregory was born from the need to spread all over the world the real Neapolitan tailoring. It was born from the growing market demand for niche products whose target is a more and more competent and demanding public. Our reason why is to provide our retailers with the opportunity of delivering a garment made respecting the purest craftsmanship to their customers.
A new brand that looks back on tradition and has a strong link with the territory, Tailors in Naples represents our oestrum and creativity.
For this reason, we decided to settle our workshop in Casalnuovo, the cradle of tailoring, the one of great personalities, an area full of manpower, and tailors who have been always practicing their “mestiere” whether working for big industries or in little workshops. Right here, every day, we recreate the history of the tailoring tradition, thanks to the skillful hands of our master tailors who, in their turn, teach the art of tailoring to the youngest ones, who rediscover the charm of this ancient art. Saint Gregory put itself forward to act as an interpreter of a timeless style, a new taste label that reinterprets the classic in a modern way, but always being respectful of the canons of the antique tailoring tradition. Our suits smell of “workshops”, and we still produce with few essential tools: needle and thread, chalks, the sharp sound of the scissors, the scented vapors of the irons and the finest fabrics; only in this way we are able to offer to our customers pure craftsmanship, the suit one can only obtain personally going into the small workshop of a Neapolitan tailor. Tailoring is a real ritual for us, that borders on sacredness.


Many tailors, mostly from Naples, have elevated the man’s tailoring art and made it a must-have and an example of timeless elegance exported today everywhere in the world. Saint Gregory has set itself the goal to respect and produce everything according to Neapolitan tailoring tradition: our product smells of real craftsmanship, it is exactly what one could buy personally going to the little workshop of an old Neapolitan master tailor. Today, many of them travel around the world delivering their suits to customers who desire to have a real tailored suit but have no chance to travel two or three times to Naples to obtain this kind of product. Many times, it also happens that they are not able to communicate efficiently, thereby making this product virtually inaccessible. Considering that we asked ourselves: “Is it possible to make the real Neapolitan tailoring available to the world, acting as a bridge between the best modern boutiques and the tailors, who have the skills, but not a business structure? That’s the idea behind Saint Gregory project. We speak to B2B, making available a real handmade product and offering the guarantee of a reliable supply chain and of an efficient and effective logistics. Thanks to a deep work on marketing and communication we are able to spread our message in a professional, helping our customers feeling at ease and giving them the chance to access garments that they won’t find anywhere else.


Saint Gregory’s goal is to bring Neapolitan tailoring tradition all over the world and let know its peculiarities through the skillful art of our tailors, craftsmen who managed to keep themselves unchanged over time, without being corrupted by the advent of machines and factories. The Neapolitan tailor, who is gifted with great taste and sensitivity, takes care of every single step of a tailor-made piece of garment’s making process and he does that collecting his wealth of knowledge and experience, bringing it in the workshop and pouring it on the working table. His aesthetic taste, his manual skills, his attention to changing tastes and fashions, are all attitudes that converge in one single goal: to offer the best experience to his customer. Saint Gregory is a continuous search of the excellence, through the return to the old traditions. For this reason, we decide to stay away from the concept of mass production, being among the very few companies that still make the real hand made. If on one hand our main interest to preserve tradition, on the other hand we look to the future and that’s why we have built a system that boasts the presence of a solid service, a sales office capable of managing logistics, following up on our dealers with a quality customer service and an excellent after-sales service. Last, but not least, the presence of a strong marketing strategy that aims at the expansion and growth of the brand, as well as the increase in turnover that has multiplied in recent years, is one of our strength points. We do not aim at the mass acquisition of customers, we prefer keeping the numbers contained aiming at the acquisition of experienced and competent customers, today those who choose Saint Gregory are the real lovers of tailoring, connoisseurs of true craftsmanship.


Our tailoring business, as most of the other traditional tailoring in Naples and Italy, is not what we could call a big multinational company or an industry: we would refer to ourselves as a small handcraft company, composed of people who live close-knit together every day, like a family. Working in such a contest means to know each other on a personal level, to be linked by relations of trust, respect, and friendship. It means that every single person is vital to perform efficiently but at the same time, it is the team that takes home the prize. All must give the best for much it competes with everyone. The same relationship we build with our partners. We would say “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Usually, for companies, the main objective is growth – in size and profitability. However, corporate growth can actually reduce the quality of products and customer service. We would never compromise on that and that’s why we put quality at the center of our values and that’s why we prefer keeping a small capacity in order to guarantee the highest level of pure craftsmanship.

Tailors in Naples, our pay-off, completely encloses our soul, our Neapolitan spirit.