Saint Gregory:

A new partnership begins 


“Imagine walking along the ancient streets of Naples, enveloped by the scent of the sea and the melody of street artists. The narrow and winding streets hide secrets and wonders, but there is one place in particular that catches my attention: a small workshop named Saint Gregory.” This is the testimony of two brothers David and John Der Shahinian, true lovers of Italy and Italian culture.


It is clear that something special is about to happen, something that could take Saint Gregory’s artwork beyond the confines of Naples’ streets, towards new horizons and adventures.

Welcome to our newsletter, where the streets of Naples intertwine with our passion for creativity and timeless beauty. Today, we are excited to share with you another exciting milestone in our journey: our partnership with Arthur Montreal. From the evocative backdrop of Naples’ streets, we are pushing beyond national borders to bring our unique craftsmanship and shared vision to an international audience.



















Here’s what they state:

“We approached you for your renowned craftsmanship in the tailoring sector. We were drawn to your reputation for producing entirely handmade garments, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. Your unique cutting style and design impressed us as a distinctive sign, and we want to introduce them to our customers. Additionally, your reputation for impeccable service and the ability to customize products to meet specific customer needs are qualities we deeply appreciate. Every needle touching the fabric seems to tell an ancient story, passed down from generation to generation, and we felt honored to be part of this timeless narrative. We are confident that this collaboration will be characterized by trust, professionalism, and outstanding results.”


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Discover the artisanal world of Saint Gregory tailoring at Arthur's store in Montréal.

Discover the artisanal world of Saint Gregory tailoring at Arthur’s store in Montréal.


Excited by these statements and immersed in this magical atmosphere, we are thrilled to open ourselves to the world together with Arthur Montreal ready to transform every thread of creativity into masterpieces, guided by the melody of the sea and the promise of new horizons. Keep following us to be part of this fascinating journey into the world of Neapolitan tailoring and art.

Here are the links to our Instagram and LinkedIn Profile to ask for more information and learn further about our tailoring world.


Warm regards,

The Saint Gregory team