Bespoke tailoring is not merely concerned with clothing; it involves the creation of a masterpiece that reflects your individual style and personality. In this publication, we explore the artistry and skill involved in bespoke tailoring, emphasizing the meticulous process required to produce unique garments that endure over time.

The process of making a bespoke garment comprises:

1) CONSULTATION AND MEASUREMENTS: We sit down to acquaint ourselves with you and discern your preferences. We engage in discussions to understand your tastes, and we’ll offer suggestions based on our conversation and customization. After choosing the fabric, color, and details such as buttons and linings, our head tailor will take initial measurements considering the proportions of your body, so that we will collaboratively design the garment’s styling with you.

2) FIRST FITTING: After 3 weeks, we’ll be ready to see you for a fitting on the garment. After the fabric has been precisely cut and the various parts of the garment are hand-sewn together, the ‘canvas’ of the suit is created, which you will try on. We’ll note the alterations, and make any major adjustments to your garment and pattern.

3) SECOND FITTING: 3 weeks after the first fitting, we’ll have completed the adjustments and will be ready to meet you for the second fitting. This session is primarily focused on fine-tuning, as the majority of alterations should already be complete. Following these adjustments, we will proceed to cut the buttonholes and carry out any remaining hand-finishing.

4) FINAL FITTING AND DELIVERY: If necessary, we will schedule one more appointment for a final fitting to ensure that everything meets your satisfaction. Upon completion of this fitting, the garment will be ready for you to wear and enjoy. Given that our clothes are entirely handcrafted, they will gradually conform to your body over time. Therefore, we encourage you to visit us after wearing the garment a few times, allowing us to assess if any final minor adjustments are needed.

At Saint Gregory, we strive to enhance your experience in Naples by providing exceptional comfort and enjoyment. Therefore, we extend transportation services to our esteemed customers. Whether you are arriving at Naples International Airport or the main train station, we will guarantee an hassle-free pick up or drop off service for you.

Our aim is to ensure that from the moment you arrive in Naples, your experience with us is seamless. You won’t have to worry about navigating the city’s transportation system or finding our shop; we’ll take care of it all for you. This is our way of welcoming you to Naples and ensuring you have more time to focus on the things that matter most – enjoying the beauty of the city and, of course, experiencing the fine Neapolitan tailoring that we’re known for

Therefore, by choosing Saint Gregory, you not only benefit from expert tailoring services but also enjoy the convenience and peace of mind provided by our transportation assistance. We aim to ensure that your visit is memorable, and we believe this additional service touch contributes to achieving that goal.

Your unique style journey begins here.

Warm regards,
the Saint Gregory team.