We are happy to announce the next Trunk Show that will take place in Budapest, on 20-21 April from our great friend and official Saint Gregory retailer, Sprezzatura by Adam Bihari.

Budapest is a global city with strengths in commerce, finance, media, art,  fashion, and research. It is the second richest capital and city in the region.  “Sprezzatura” is located in Pest, right on the opposite bank of the river, in one of the country’s most beautiful and particular lofts.

The choice of this location is not meant to be casual. Still, we wanted it because Budapest is a city of great history, and traditions but also a lot of innovation, a perfect atmosphere to present a great novelty.

As you already know, a trunk show is a meeting-sales event during which you will be able to host us in your shop offering your customers our tailoring servicesIn addition, to letting you live the experience of real Neapolitan tailoring, with great honor we will be joined during this experience by the Sales Manager director, Umberto Paccotto, and the bespoke manager Eugenio Boggio, representing Fratelli Tallia di Delfino.

Staying true to our origins without renouncing to look to the future is a source of pride for us, and it is what we have in common with Fratelli Tallia di Delfino. Together we are proud to be ambassadors of Made in Italy in designing and manufacturing fine fabrics and clothes “custom”. By sharing these founding values, we have chosen to celebrate the meeting with the new selection of fabrics, in a special edition.

Creating excellence, combining creativity and know-how. From this mission, Bunch Lino d’ Italia Selection was born. From fine pure flax seeds, Lino d’ Italia is born, cultivated, and spun entirely on the national territory, in selected regions that are best suited to its cultivation, with particular attention to sustainability. A selection of the fabrics present here is made with this exceptional raw material, resulting from the first flowering of the fields that gave birth to Lino d’ Italia. Thanks to these natural properties, the fabrics of Bunch Lino d’ Italia Selection are distinguished by superior finesse, with a higher resistance, shine, and breathability.

A trunk show is also a moment of sharing, the occasion to show the customers the value of a real made-in-Italy suit, the real handmade. The adaptability of a bespoke suit, in combination with fully handmade manufacturing, allows us to satisfy any customer demand.

The customer who addresses our service is a man who likes “beauty. He dares, he is never common, he is always attentive to the quality and he always wants to have the perfect suit for every occasion and moment of the day. He is elegant, refined, and needs to feel unique and original wearing a piece of art. He knows how to appreciate the handcrafted manufacturing that turns him classy and allows him to be flawless. Beauty is in everything.

But it lies above all in details, class, and elegance.

The style we wear expresses our uniqueness.

What we propose in Saint Gregory is a unique and perfectly recognizable line, developed in the heart of the city of Naples. The key to our success is in the impeccable cuts of the clothes and in the choice of the finest fabrics. A universe apart, ours, where tailors still work in the old way, taking measurements to their customers and using only a few essential tools and the ability of their hands to enhance unique know-how in the world. For us tailoring is sacredness, the tool to use in the search for perfection and beauty.

Take part in one of our events and immerse yourself in a real Neapolitan tailoring experience.

Book your appointment by writing to info@saintgregory.it.