Naples is that place in the world where, walking around the small alleys of the town you still bump into a lot of small “botteghe”, little workshops where an artisan is practicing an old “mestiere”, HIS craftsmanship. They are timeless places, where one can lose himself watching the hypnotic hands of the artisan while he is working at a strip of fabric for a crib shepherd’s tunic, or let you carry by the typical perfumes of the little alleys, through the fragrance of a “sfogliatella” just taken out from the oven or the perfume of the linen hanged drying at the sun. Overwhelmed by the passionate greetings of the luthier downstairs and by the sight of the delicacies made by the master chocolatier, Naples can, thanks to its magic, involve everybody with its warm touch, and bewitch the senses with the smell of leather, iron, wood, fabrics. The tailor is right there in his reign where he creates art. This is the kind of art that has its roots in the small workshops, which were considered veritable sanctuaries of style, where the priests used to teach the noble craft of tailoring to their young apprentices. Starting from the nineteenth century, then, the city will boast the occasion of dressing the great European nobility of that time. During the following years, the Neapolitan tailoring style will acquire the features that will make it universally recognizable and will experience an unstoppable rise that still continues today, in this city where Saint Gregory aims to put at the service of his customers the passion for pure craftsmanship, expressed through a perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation.

“It is in this background that the tailoring art of Saint Gregory expresses itself. Neapolitan tailoring tradition dates back to 1300, when in Saint Eligio, one of the districts of the city, the “Confraternita of Sartori” was founded.”

According to our vision, Neapolitan tailoring is a way of being, a lifestyle unique in the world, that we must preserve by any means. To realize this status it becomes necessary to address to a wide public, at least as wide as the world. Saint Gregory addresses to the international customer, offering at the same time the reliability of a structured company and the charm of a fully handmade garment made according to the tradition, having the possibility to spread the pure craftsmanship worldwide. Each one of our tailor is able to manage each step of the process, however we have decided to enhance the best qualities they have: with a team that works following specific processing steps, like a human chain, we made it possible to reduce lead-time avoiding the use of machines, thus obtaining a product of priceless value that carries, furthermore, the soul of each one of our tailors. The little “imperfections” that characterize fully handmade garments are, in our opinion, the proof of pure craftsmanship of a garment similar only to itself, unique.

Our reason why is to provide our retailers with the opportunity of delivering a garment made respecting the purest craftsmanship to their customers.