The last weeks have been incredible for all of us. Who imagined that we would all be forced to slow down and deeply change our lifestyle? No one could predict this.
Here in Naples we are not used to slowing down: even when it seems that we are enjoying a relaxed lifestyle, inside of us there is a power that can not be tamed. It is like there was the magma of Mount Vesuvius inside every one of us. And everybody knows, this is the kind of power no one can stop. Naples has survived to foreign invasions, earthquakes and we will survive for sure this time too.

A lot of friends from all over the world are asking why we sing from our balconies like we are living in a festival, it is because we can’t stop enjoying life. All pizzerias were forced to close and people here decided to prepare pizza at home, we hardly give up on what we love more! Being Neapolitan doesn’t mean that we were born here and live here, it is a way of being.

It is not that we don’t want to stop, it’s that we simply can not! In the worse moments, our magma explodes and solidifies, usually creating a piece of art. It is in the darkest moments that Naples gives its best!

Moreover, it seems that it is good for the spirit to continue dressing well. We are aware that this is something bigger than us, something beyond our control, so we decided to continue living with modesty using our hands to create what our passion allows us to do best, our tailoring.
Because no one can stop a Volcano
Ennio Collaro Valente