Unique. This fabric surely elicits this superlative: with its peculiar iridescent effect, in fact, only a few fabrics are such recognizable as Solaro is. It was exactly 100 years ago when Smith Woollens, the textile merchants company that trademarked Solaro, was founded.

For those few who still don’t know, Solaro is a particular twill wool whose main characteristic is the above-mentioned iridescent effect provided by the diversity of the warp and the weft of the fabric.

That’s what creates the peculiar effect that captures reflections of light reflecting back different shades of light. The very classic Solaro, the iconic one, has a khaki-colored “face” (the front side of the fabric) and a brick-red “reverse” (the back).

Are you curious to know how Solaro fabric was born?

As for many other fabrics, also Solaro has a military origin. It was perhaps the first technical fabric created by man in the early twentieth century, during the peak of the colonial period. Its aim was to protect the British soldiers from the sun during the conquests of the Imperial period, between the 19th and 20th centuries. This also explains the origin of the name Solaro.

The inventor of the fabric, Louis Westenra Sambon, was an important English tropical doctor and was inspired by natives in the tropics, who believed that the red colour has sun-resisting properties and that’s the origin of the iconic red yarns of the fabric. Late after, The Solaro was patented by the English company Smith Woollens who holds the rights to sell the “Original Solaro made in England”, however, today, many other manufacturers produce identical fabrics with the same characteristics and quality.

When and how to wear a Solaro suit?

Thanks to the red yarns, Solaro keep you cold and comfortable under summer sunlight while keeping superb drape and performance. Considering these characteristics and its fancy look, a Solaro suit is perfect to be worn unlined or half-lined (also to show the internal aspect) in mid-seasons and during the hottest summer days.

Today, fabric suppliers have introduced new colors and types for every taste.  Wether you opt for the classic red brick Solaro or for the innovative Smith Wollens last color, an attractive blue hue that has a hint of aqua, we can make for you something unique! If you are searching for something exclusive, contact us.

Last but not least: no matter if you opt for a single or double-breasted jacket, remember that this type of fabric is better suited for making an entire suit, not for a blazer.

In short, we can say a Solaro suit is a must-have in a gentleman’s wardrobe. One can not call himself a suit lover unless he owns one. Do you own one? If not, well, what are you waiting for?

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